I've been thinking for a while that there might be a possibility to create a 1942 Burma battle in OCS, and I have started thinking about map allocation a while ago.

The proposal on the left is 5 miles per hex, OCS "Burma II" + 5 full maps (7 total).
The proposal on the right is 1 hex 7 miles (or 7.5 miles) and 3 full maps.
Hmmm, I think the idea of 3 full maps would be better. ......? (^_^;

Oh, yeah! I've got an idea.
A third idea. 5 miles per hex, 6 full maps. If we're sticking with 5 miles per hex, this is it or .......

I wondered how many OCS players, no matter how much they like big games, would want to play the theme of the Battle of Burma in 1942 on six full maps. ...... So I decided to use three full maps for now. .......
I think even 3 full maps is ridiculously large (^_^;

Reconsidered the map of the Battle of Burma in 1942. There seemed to be very little fighting around the northernmost map, and I thought it was unnecessary.
Also, the entire second phase of the advance on Burma would be put in one full map vertically, and the first phase (up to the occupation of Rangoon) would be added in 1/4 of the full map, so that it could be played with only the smaller map......

 Later, as I followed the progress of the battle up to the time of the fall of Rangoon in detail with various documents, I compared the 1 hex 7.5 miles with the 1 hex 5 miles, and I felt that 1 hex 7.5 miles was a bit too small.

 This is because in OCS, the standard mobility of a slightly better quality infantry unit is 3 in combat mode and 5 in movement mode, and I felt that if I wanted to keep this framework intact, 7.5 miles per hex would be impossible (On the other hand, the number of miles per hex and the number of days per turn varies from game to game).

 So, assuming 5 miles per hex for now, and assuming that there was no real combat in the northern part of the battle map that I was referring to in my last tweet, I thought I could cut it down to the following map layout.


 左上の方のやや濃いマップ画像は、OCS『Burma II』のマップです。その右下に3枚のマップの範囲が描いてありますが、真ん中のものと一番南のものは、半分くらい領域が重なっています(一番北のものは、『Burma II』のマップの領域を少し含んでいます)。
 The slightly darker map image in the upper left corner is the OCS "Burma II" map. In the lower right corner of the image are the ranges of the three maps, with the middle one and the southernmost one overlapping about half the area (the northernmost one contains a little of the area of the "Burma II" map).

 On the southernmost map (only), I think we can play through to the capture of Rangoon (January 22, 1942 to about March 8, 1942) (15 turns if you use the OCS normal scale of 1/2 week per turn).

  And I am thinking that we can play the second phase of the Battle of Burma in 1942, up to the capture of Mandalay, on the middle and northernmost maps.(mid-March to early May 1942: about 20 turns?) (Of course, you can also replay the entire 1942 Burma War by connecting it with the southernmost.....).

 On the Japanese side, only two divisions existed until the capture of Rangoon, and then two divisions were added to carry out the capture of Mandalay, so only four divisions appear in this area.

 Also, with this maps, it may be possible to recreate the collapse phase of the Burma front from the Battle of the Irrawaddy River in December 1944......

 So, I actually tried to make it fit the hexes of the OCS map and overlay it with a more detailed map.


 ヘクスが『Burma II』のマップとちゃんと合うようにしてあります。その下の地図は2枚とも、陸戦史集『ビルマ侵攻作戦』の付録地図です(今回戦史叢書の方の付録地図は、この目的に合わないような地図でした……)。
 The hexes are made to fit properly with the map in Burma II. The two maps below are both supplementary maps in the Rikusen Sisyuu "Burma Shinkou Sakusen" (the supplementary maps in the Sensi Sousyo was not suitable for this purpose......).

 The east, west, north, south, and southwest may be shifted somewhat as I read the materials.

 I have been collecting the following Japanese materials for some time.

 In addition, I also purchased the following English materials.

(↑The price is very high, but I think it's because I bought an old book at a lower price than this, and then the next more expensive one is displayed......)

 I've only just started reading the materials, but the article on the invasion of Burma in "Teikoku Rikugun Nanpou Sakusen" in the Rekishi Gunzou Archive, which is the easiest to read, was very interesting and informative!

 その後、『ビルマ進攻作戦』と『ビルマ 遠い戦場』を同時並行的にチェックして時系列で何が起こったか等をアウトラインプロセッサに入力していってます。すでに『ビルマ進攻作戦』の時点で相当詳しく、各連隊等がどのように行動したかが書かれている印象を受けます。
 After that, I've been checking "Burma Shinkou Sakusen" and "Burma: The Longest War" at the same time and inputting what happened in chronological order into outline processor. I have the impression that "Burma Shinkou Sakusen" already contains a very detailed description of how each regiment and other units acted.

 OCS『Luzon: Race for Bataan』を作った時には、同じ1ヘクス5マイルでしたが実質ハーフマップ1枚の5ターンで終わるものでしたから、そんなに大変ではなかったのですが、今回はさすがに大変そうです(^_^;(尤も、東部戦線に比べれば全然楽だろうとも思いますけども)
 When I made the OCS "Luzon: Race for Bataan", it was the same one hex and five miles, but it was practically one half-map and took five turns to finish, so it wasn't so hard, but this time it seems to be really hard (^_^;). (Although I think it will be much easier than the Eastern Front.)

 For now, I'm going to try to make just the one up to the capture of Rangoon first, test play it, and then modify it and make it look like.......

 実は大きな問題がゲーム名です(^_^; 『BURMA』はもちろん使えませんが、『BURMA 1942』とかって、非常にOCSっぽくない……(シモニッチっぽいです)。1942年のビルマ戦だけを扱った、何かかっこいい書名があれば採用可能だとも思うのですが、それらしきものが見つからない……。1944年12月からのビルマ戦最終局面もゲーム化できれば、スリム将軍の自伝である『Defeat into Victory』を使うという方法もあるかもとは思うのですが……。
 Actually, the big problem is the name of the game (^_^; Of course we can't use "Burma", but "Burma 1942" is very un-OCS-like ...... (Simonitch-like). I also think that if there is some cool book title that deals only with the 1942 Battle of Burma, it could be adopted, but I can't find anything like that....... If the final phase of the Battle of Burma from December 1944 could also be made into this game, I think there might be a way to use "Defeat into Victory", the autobiography of General Slim......






 ボードウォーゲームの中でも、OCS(Operational Combat Series)だけをひたすらプレイしたり、第二次世界大戦やナポレオン時代関係情報を集積したりしてます。自宅(尼崎会)でOCSを置きっぱなしプレイしたり、VASSALでOCSをオンラインプレイしたりですが、時々はゲームクラブのミドルアース大阪などに行ったりも。

 尼崎会では、OCSに興味のある方を常時募集しております。OCS初心者の方にも分かりやすい、やりやすいところからお教えいたします! VASSALでのオンラインインストも大歓迎です。ブログのコメント等で、気軽にご連絡下さい(*^_^*)